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Still handwriting vitals?

Automate your patient vitals process today with Vital Vision

Vital Vision optimizes patient care with an intuitive interface and seamless integration for efficient vital sign recording. Engineered for simplicity, it enhances workflow efficiency, fosters better outcomes, and promotes sustainability in modern healthcare.

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Vital Vision streamlines care: captures vitals, then they’re stored securely in the cloud.


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Vital Signs Recording

• Respiratory Rate
• Pulse Rate
• Systolic Pressure
• Diastolic Pressure
• Temperature
• and more!

Digital Entry

Allows for digital input of vital signs, elminating the need for handwritten records.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed for ease of use, minimizing the learning curve for nursing staff.

Integration Capability

Seamlessly integrates with existing hospital information systems for centralized data management.

Real Time Data

Provides real-time monitoring and updating of patient vitals.

Better Care. Everywhere.

Focus on patients

not on paperwork.


Increased Accuracy

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved Patient Care

Environmentally Friendly